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20 years working experience in film, fashion, television.

janeJane is one of the foremost airbrush makeup artists in the UK today. She has worked extensively in television and film as well as in advertising. Jane’s range is wide – from working with Robert Lindsay on My Family and Joanna Lumley on the Jonathan Creek Special to Galaxy and Coca Cola commercials and Zombie prosthetic makeup for Brad Pitt’s film World War Z, to body painting for corporate events. Jane is a member of The British Association of Camouflage Makeup Artists.

A hair and make-up artist specialising in the art of airbrush make-up!

In addition to her commercial work, Jane is an experienced lecturer and teacher specialising in airbrush makeup in all aspects. Jane’s students encompass experienced TV Makeup artists wanting to learn about the importance of airbrush makeup for High Definition TV filming to bridal makeup artists wishing to boost their skills with airbrush makeup that will ensure the bride will look beautiful throughout her wedding day.


Once trained, an airbrush practitioner can apply a full make-up in as little as four minutes.


Airbrushing represents a revolution in cosmetics. It is sprayed onto the face and body in an ultra fine silicone mist, creating flawless, natural coverage that will last all day with no need for touch ups. Its invisible mask-like qualities also mean it acts as the ultimate stay-put sunscreen.

It can be used on men or women to provide a completely subtle no make-up look, which can transform a face without anyone knowing it is there. Research has shown first impressions can make a decisive difference in job interviews, presentations, pitches and seminars. Airbrushing can make this happen. However, until now it has not become a mainstream technique because it has to be applied by someone else.

Jane Maier’s company is now offering a comprehensive three-day tuition programme for other make-up artists to teach them how to use her specialist airbrushing equipment, so the technique can be made available nationwide through beauty salons and hairdressers and as an additional service for fashion retailers.

The new three day courses are designed to build confidence in the use of the airbrush while at the same time, teaching students how to achieve natural beauty, glamour, temporary tattoos, tanning, nails and even hair art with airbrush make-up.

TV, Film & Advertising

Not only does Jane pride herself on her beautiful natural and glamour make-ups, she also specialises in more complex make-up work, and is currently working on prosthetic zombie make-up for the forthcoming Brad Pitt movie WWZ which is due to hit cinema screens next year.


For the TV drama production The Reckoning, Jane created a totally undetectable bald cap for Sophie Stuckey who was obliged to keep her thick head of hair waist length for her role in the film The Woman in Black.

To create flawless skin for naked performers appearing in a Sanex body wash ‘naked’ advertising campaign, Jane ran a team of make-up artists who airbrushed all 200 artistes in under two hours with make-up that lasted all day.

For a magazine advertising campaign, Fujitsu employed Jane to camouflage a model into the background in challenging scenarios – in front of a tank, along a passageway in a London tube station and standing in front of a glass desk.

Marilyn-EinsteinShe can also produce unparalled disguises. For a Greek Pepsi Commercial shot in Cuba Jane recreated Marilyn Munroe and Einstein as a mis-matched celebrity couple, and she received further plaudits for transforming actress Kiki Kendrick into the late Pat Phoenix, who played Elsie Tanner, star of Britain’s longest-running TV soap opera Coronation Street.

She has also provided more conventional expert make-up on commercials for among others, Guinness, Tesco, and Nike and was Robert Lindsay’s personal make-up artist for his appearances in the long running TV series, My Family.

She has provided make-up for numerous other TV dramas and works regularly with presenters appearing on BBC and BSkyB news programmes


Jane Maier is one of Britain’s leading make-up artists. Much of her year is spent travelling the world to work on feature films and television shows. She is regularly commissioned for a variety of other events involving actors, international celebrities and politicians, and is also in demand to provide make-up for guests at private functions and for individuals for special occasions, or even to create a flawless, non-made-up look for job interviews – for men as well as women!

Recent corporate work has included a project for the global investment bank Goldman Sachs, who commissioned fire and ice airbrushed masks for 100 waiters at their Christmas party, and Harper’s Bazaar magazine, for whom Jane created a burlesque hair and make-up look worn by 200 waiting staff at the magazine’s event for London Fashion Week.

Jane’s commissions include a request by Land Rover to airbrush their logo onto the backs of the glamorous opera singers, and a diamond necklace design for delegates attending a diamond anniversary conference held by whisky manufacturers Chivas Regal, as well as other designs for a variety of press and PR launches.

She also works with personal clients to create dramatically stunning and beautiful make-ups which will last throughout a special event. Her personal work has included such demanding clients as Damien Hirst for whom she designed a Mr Jekyll. This make-up included a prosthetic nose, a thick mono- brow, hairy hands and a generous splattering of various types of hyper-realistic blood.

For a New Year’s eve party hosted by the actor Andy Wong, Jane’s brief was to create surrealist body painting designs. Her creations included an octopus with its tentacles entwined around the body, a Salvador Daliesque trompe d’oeil clock that appeared to slither off the shoulders and a variety of other eye-catching examples of body art. Because these make-ups were airbrushed onto the party guests they stayed looking beautiful throughout one of the liveliest parties of the year.

For all of these events once the make-up is designed, it can be quickly applied to large numbers of people for maximum effect and minimal cost. Airbrushed tattoos are a uniquely effective way of imprinting a brand name on a corporate event, especially when used on the bodies of glamorous participants.

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Jane Maier

A hair and make-up artist specialising in the art of airbrush make-up and creating original make-up looks for film and television.